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Like all of our tools, our edgers and clean sweep are built to do your job more efficiently and with less effort. All models are lightweight, strong and well-balanced, and provided with several practical functions that simplify servicing and maintenance.
55 Rancher
An efficient and versatile edger with high power and low weight. The front handle can quickly be adjusted using the wing nut. A wear plate under the engine and a reinforced spark plug guard protect against impact and shocks. The support wheel can quickly be set to different edging depths. The guard is designed to prevent stoppage due to gravel and soil. The LE389 walk-behind edger is user-friendly and ideal for homeowners. Perfect for putting the finishing touches on your lawn and garden projects. The 326Sx Clean Sweep is a unique tool for every clean-up operation from pavement to turf. The Clean Sweep has the power to move materials that are too heavy for a blower, like the debris left by snowplows or construction work. It will even clean turf without damaging the grass. What's more, the 326Sx Clean Sweep has a great power-to-weight ratio and an E-tech engine. Put Husqvarna's Clean Sweep to work on your tough clean-up jobs!
326Ex - 1.5 cu.inch / 24.5 cm³   1.2 hp / 0.9 kW   11.9 lbs / 5.4 kg

LE389 - 148 cu.inch   3.8 hp / 2.8 kW
326Sx - 1.5 cu.inch / 24.5 cm³   1.2 hp / 0.9 kW   19.8 lbs / 9.0 kg